iPlayer+ Introduces PHANTOM+ innovation

We’ve just got this press release… “Capitalising on the huge success of the iPlayer+ as well as the PhantomPVR in their own fields, Netgem as well as Bluedelta style have teamed as much as bring you the next generation of freeview functionality.

The iPlayer+ already combines all the aspects of a high-end terrestrial receiver; 7-day EPG (Electronic Program Guide), TopUp TV ready, advanced interactive services, several AV outputs, as well as the extra performance of a house entertainment system as well as communications centre.

Current viewers are free to do whatever they want – whether it be watching one of over 30 freeview digital terrestrial channels, listening to a digital radio station, utilizing e-mail as well as surfing the web, sending as well as getting SMS text messages via their TV*, or even streaming MP3 data as well as JPEG pictures from a PC found in a different part of the house**.

Bluedelta now improves the performance of the iPlayer+ with the addition of the PHANTOM+ – an add-on accessory which works with the iPlayer+ 7-day EPG letting you plan your viewing as well as record your programs automatically. The PHANTOM+ works with the video recording gadget of your option to immediately record programs, taking away the hassle of programming several gadgets as well as failed recordings.

Just as the iPlayer+ is designed with the future in mind, the PHANTOM+ is future-proof, enabling you to modification recording gadget whenever you like. The PHANTOM+ allows you to keep up with the latest innovation as it learns from your recorder’s handset – rather than utilizing an interior database, meaning it is never out of date.

Utilising unique iPlayer+ technology, the PHANTOM+ improves the iPlayer+’s setting as the entertainment centre for the house. No longer will individuals be bothered by time-consuming programming on several video recording gadgets – they are now free to set one gadget to manage all others, making this freeview box the perfect buddy for everybody from the tech-savvy to the typical viewer.

Netgem as well as BlueDelta are leading the method in using present innovation to produce the ultimate FreeToDo Freeview box – making your life easier one function at a time.

* extra services supplied by your phone operator. iPlayer+ is prepared to get these services upon activation

** extra hardware required”


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