On This Day 10 Years Ago…

I still keep in mind Saturday the 30th June 2007 clearly.

On this day 10 years back I landed in Florida on a household holiday.  It was the day after the iphone went on sale in the USA as well as I made directly for the Apple store at the Florida Mall.

The potato high quality picture above shows the very first time I held an iPhone. Not to be over remarkable however it truly did feel like a seminal moment. It was a wrench to have to wait many more months for the UK version to finally launch in November of that year. I’ve had quite much every iphone since bar the 7.

Nine years previously my very first ‘smartphone’ was this Nokia 9000i. having a 386 in my (rather large) pocket as well as getting Fax’s on the go felt quite wild.

Fast forwarding, my final wise Bi device (Before iPhone), was this MDA Vario II.

It’s difficult to over emphasise the leap the iphone brought. It was like moving forward a decade over night.

It feels like nothing before or since has come close to this technological leap in my lifetime. I question anything else will in the future.

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy, hardcore Android aficionado or anything in between you’ll ideally agree that the very first iphone was a extremely special thing that brought so many innovations that surround us all today.

If you missed it live, or you want to see it again, here’s that Steve tasks keynote revealing the iphone at MacWorld on 9th January 2007…

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