DIY Salvaged-Wood Candleholders

It’s lovely to add some sparkle to rooms around the holidays, but too much gold and silver can overwhelm. The weathered texture of salvaged wood adds much-needed contrast. mixing these wood candleholders with gold creates just-right glamour, and the glow of candles makes a wonderfully welcoming statement near the front door. Here’s how to make them:

Materials and Tools

Pillar-shaped pieces of wood




Pickling stain

Lint-free cloth


Foil bakeware (like pie tins)



Step 1: choose and stain wood

Select square pieces of wood the same width as your candles’ diameter. My candles were 3″ in diameter, so I selected wood pieces that were 3″ by 3″ and ranged in height from 3″ to 10″. Sand the wood on all sides and clean off the dust with a damp rag. When the wood is dry, apply pickling stain with a paintbrush. To create a weathered — not whitewashed — look, wipe away excess stain with a lint-free cloth while the stain is still wet. let dry overnight.

Step 2: Protect wood

While the stain is drying, cut disks that are 1″ smaller in diameter than your candles (so they’re completely hidden by the candles) from the flat bottom of an aluminum foil roasting pan or pie tin — one disk for each candleholder. These will be sandwiched between the wood and the candles to keep the wood fire-safe. attach one disk to the top of each candleholder with epoxy and let dry.

Step 3: attach candle

Use epoxy to secure three flat-headed tacks to each aluminum disk, pointy side up. once the epoxy is dry, gently push the candles onto the tacks. arrange the candleholders in a group of varying heights on a stable surface.

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