Mini Review: The Sengled Pusle LED Bulb + JBL speaker

The people from Sengled sent us over their ‘Pulse’ lights with built-in Wireless speakers to try in the Automated Home.

The Pulse uses an energy saving LED 8 Watt bulb (600 lumens, 2700 kelvin warm white). In addition there’s a JBL Bluetooth loudspeaker built into the scarlet red enclosure.

There are 2 bulbs in this pack that measure 140 x 98 mm. One is a Master which pairs with the other included Satellite unit.

You can set these up individually or to act as a stereo pair and you can extend the system with up to seven Satellite bulbs off a single Master.

App Control

After you download and install the complimentary app for Android and iOS you can stream music by means of Bluetooth within a range of around 10 metres from the bulbs. We found we could even stream from an adjoining room (with the door open). The system uses Bluetooth v2.1 and has A2DP, AVRCP, SPP and other profiles available.

As you’d expect from these small enclosures there’s no thumping bass here, but they do sound respectable for their size, (especially when the 2 are setup to act together) and can go pretty loud.

The app controls the volume and can adjust the sound with the help of its builtin equaliser too. In addition you use the app to control the built-in light with on / off, dim and bright commands. The LEDs dim in steps rather than smoothly but there are plenty of levels to choose from and the entire package has an average 13 Watt consumption according to the makers.

If you are trying to find some steaming speakers that you can fit and forget (in seconds) and that get out of the way then these could be for you.

The Sengled range starts with the Pulse Solo at under £50 and goes up to the red twin pack as examined here available with either E27 screw in or B22 bayonet style bases.

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Sengled LED smart Bulb E27 Base with JBL Bluetooth Speaker, app controlled up to 8 BR30 LED Light Bulbs with Pulse Master Bulb, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, White [Energy class A+]

LED lamp with integrated JBL loudspeaker
Contains a master and satellite lamp with wireless connection
It can be extended by up to six additional satellite lamps, with a maximum combination of eight lamps

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