Video: HomeSeer WFTT07 Android Tabletop Touchscreen Controller

If you’re already running a HomeSeer HSTouch system then pay attention.

The new WFTT07 7″ WiFi-enabled tabletop touchscreen system may be just what you’ve been looking for to manage your HomeSeer house automation system.  The tablet is a free standing touchscreen that features a 800 x 480 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen as well as runs at Android Ice cream Sandwich on its ARM Cortex A8.

The system has 512MB or RAM, 4GB of interior memory as well as boots immediately to HSTouch.  Further features includebuilt-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi,  an SD card slot and 5W Stereo Speakers.  Homeseer state the controller is likewise compatible with wide variety of Android apps as well as the Built-in Battery will power the tablet for around 4 hours when it’s off the mains.  The WFTT07 7 is now on sale for around $170.

HomeSeer announces the release of the world’s very first as well as only Android tabletop touchscreen for house automation! The new WFTT07 performs like a tablet however is free standing, has impressive noise high quality as well as boots immediately to the company’s HSTouch house automation app.

The tabletop type factor is unique in the market as well as makes the WFTT07 suitable for utilize on night stands, coffee tables, counter tops as well as work benches. extra Android apps may likewise be installed onto the system to transform it into a streaming music as well as video player, recipe manager or social network portal.

Setup is quick as well as easy. just link the included power adapter, configure the WiFi as well as HSTouch server settings as well as you’re done! A rechargeable lithium ion battery allows the system for portable use, if desired.  :  Our HomeSeer Hometroller SE-Pro Review

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