New Plex Media player leaves XBMC Behind

Plex have revealed the new front end for the their media server – ‘Plex Media Player’.

The existing ‘Plex home Theatre’ will still be available but no longer developed. PMP is based around the open source mpv media player, with Plex hiring their lead dev…

What’s the best media playback engine in the world? After careful consideration, we chose mpv to power the Plex Media Player. A massively popular open source project with terrific community support, mpv effortlessly handles any media you throw its way and looks terrific doing it. It’s lean, extremely fast, and very actively developed. We know the ones and zeros are only part of the story, though, so we reached out to @wm4, the primary contributor to the project (and extremely talented individual), and quickly hired him full-time. He’s played an vital role in continuing to make mpv awesomer (it’s a word) while ensuring that it works even better within Plex Media Player.

With this change Plex drops the last of the XMBC (now Kodi) code it was using and Elan messages a good thank you to the team..

It’s been practically eight years because we set out on this wild ride, when we originally ported Kodi née XBMC to OS X, and we’ll always be thankful for that. Over the better part of a decade we’ve developed that original code to align with our home theater users’ needs while at the same time building our vision of a media platform for the future (a centralized server! a cloud component! mobile apps!). and now, finally, it’s time to take the next huge step. With Plex Media Player, we leave all that original code behind and strike out with a new core platform for the living room. We just wanted to take a moment to thank all those behind Kodi. we all cut our teeth on hacked Xboxes running XBMC, and we wouldn’t be here without you!

PMP brings the new Plex look and feel of all their recent TV and device apps to your Mac and PC using the Chromium 45 web engine for a best in class media browsing experience.

Plex Media player has launched as an early preview for Plex Pass subscribers. once the preview period ends it will be available to all.  :  Plex update for music Lovers

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