Energenie LAN Power administration System – 4 IP controlled Mains Sockets

submission by Tim Hawes : So it was a forum publish best right here on Automated house that very first alerted me to this unit. It’s a 6-way power distribution strip with four independent, remotely controllable sockets as well as two sockets always on. The genuine charm of this system was that the outlets might be controlled over a LAN, as well as if they might be controlled on a LAN they can be controlled from anywhere over the internet.

Our surveillance system is quite trustworthy nevertheless there have been events when it has needed to be hard-reset, as well as predictably these events were when I was not at home. I needed something to remotely reboot the system. The closest “standalone” choices I might discover were either an extension of my existing X10 system, or a GSM-switched socket.

The system had to work when needed as well as while X10 utilized to be extremely trustworthy for me, it has got less so in recent years. GSM-switched sockets seemed a fairly costly service when sim card as well as contract/top-ups were included, as well as the Energenie one does likewise screen present draw as well as temperature in addition to doing the switching.

The LAN Power administration System seemed to in shape my needs completely – four controllable, independent sockets with condition feedback, accessible from anywhere with an Web connection, as well as all for £70. shipment by carrier is included in that cost as well as mine show up a couple of days after ordering. I had a few concerns concerning shipment as well as the email support was quick, friendly as well as efficient.

It’s worth noting that there is a extremely similar product available by Energenie (Power administration System, note no “LAN” prefix) which provides similar features however is not the same. This alternate requires a computer to be connected as well as running if you want to control over the LAN/internet. It still provides similar time based schedules etc. however crucially it does not have an RJ45 socket, just a USB one instead. therefore the controlling computer needs to be kept on if you want remote gain access to as well as control, etc.

Getting back to this LAN version – the box contains the power strip itself, an direction booklet, software application CD as well as two network cables, 1x directly with as well as 1x crossover.

The whole strip is rated for a maximum of 2500 watts (10 amps) as well as has resetable overload protection. The system likewise has an interior clock as well as this can be kept synchronised utilizing NTP servers.  As well as enabling you to switch the sockets on as well as off at will, the system likewise provides pre-programmed schedules based on time, or particular events. A neat function is that the time-based programme likewise functions when the system is disconnected from the LAN as well as the routine is retained if power is lost.

One of the unexpected features of the system is exactly how peaceful the changing is. anybody that has lived with X10 appliance modules will understand that the >Clunk< when they switch over can awaken infants sleeping a number of streets away, however the Energenie system is so peaceful you can barely hear it. quickly peaceful sufficient for a lounge, although perhaps not peaceful sufficient for a bedroom if you want to sleep with the change-overs.  All I needed was remote gain access to to the CCTV power switch so I haven’t tried out the other features, nevertheless the system likewise is capable of: Sockets activated by events on your PC (if running Power manager software) Power manager software application enables administration of several PMS-LAN units from single interface Simple command line interface offered for controlling sockets (requires installation of Power manager Software) An on the internet account to enable you gain access to from any type of computer (a bit like a personal dyndns dynamic IP account) Within the software/browser interfaces the sockets can be renamed from “socket 1” etc. to something much more meaningful, e.g. CCTV, Christmas Lights, Mirror Ball, etc. condition LEDs are present for each socket as well as these are repeated to the software. Niggles? Not numerous as well as even those are minor.  The colour code utilized by Energenie in the browser is confusing to me. They utilize red when the socket is active/powered as well as eco-friendly when inactive/off. My industrial controls background tells me red is a fault condition, or off, as well as eco-friendly is healthy, or active/running. Energenie’s on = red = online = risk is not without logic, it’s just the opposite to what I’m utilized to. Configuring with a fixed IP address took a few attempts, nevertheless a great deal of this was possibly my impatience. You can reboot the system to have a default, fixed IP address however it only reverts to that when it has searched for a DHCP server for a minute or two. This triggered a bit of head scratching at very first however no genuine problems. To be fair, the instructions do explain this behaviour however I should have glossed-over that bit when very first reading them. Likewise configuring the system for remote access, although once again the port-forwarding confusion was down to me. Energenie’s web service utilizes port 5000 – when I’d understood I just wished to gain access to the web browser built into the system itself as well as forwarded that port number, all was fine. The system is physically a bit huge for single-socket applications, e.g. out in the garden as a controller for Christmas lights, as I don’t believe it would in shape inside the common waterproof boxes sold in diy sheds & garden centres. As mentioned, I haven’t utilized the supplied PowerManager software application however one more Automated house forum individual has as well as reports some problems (see this thread for much more info). In conclusion, it does precisely the task I bought it for, so I am delighted (of program Murphy’s legislation used on my recent holiday – the CCTV box behaved itself completely as well as never needed a reset).  For £70 delivered, I believe the Energenie LAN Power administration System is a bit of a bargain. Sale 7,482 Reviews TP-Link Kasa WiFi Power strip 3 outlets with 2 USB Ports, works with Alexa, Google house as well as Samsung SmartThings, Wireless wise Socket Remote control Timer Plug, No Hub Required(KP303) several wise control - 3 wise outlets can be separately managed as well as 2 always-on USB ports; Surge security - Shields sensitive electronics as well as appliances from unexpected power surges as well as spikes; Compatibility - works with Alexa as well as Google assistant for Voice Control £24.99 purchase on Amazon energenie4u.co.uk   :   offered from Amazon Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Pinterest Email More WhatsApp Print Skype Tumblr Telegram Pocket Last update on 2021-10-04 / affiliate links / pictures from Amazon product marketing API

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