Videos: embellishing 101

home & house has answers for all of your embellishing questions. Videos, in particular, provide the visual info you requirement to make informed style decisions about your space. Cameron, Erin as well as even publisher Lynda Reeves deal with fundamental concerns about exactly how to select kitchen area counters as well as backsplashes, exactly how to select exterior completes as well as more.

Video: exactly how To embellish With Mirrors

Find out exactly how to broaden area as well as light with mirrors in a bedroom, dining space or living room.

Video: exactly how To select A kitchen area Backsplash

Find out which kitchen area backsplashes are the most durable as well as practical for your area as well as budget.

Video: exactly how To select kitchen area Countertops

Before you begin buying for granite or marble, inspect out these countertop tips.

Video: exactly how To embellish With area Rugs

Design editor Cameron MacNeil explains exactly how to discover the right size as well as style of area rug.

Video: exactly how To personalize A Home

Lynda Reeves explains exactly how to personalize floors, mouldings, doors, windows as well as lighting.

Video: exactly how To select exterior stone as well as Paint

Senior style Editor Erin Feasby offers tips on choosing an exterior colour scheme.

Video: exactly how To checked out Architectural floor Plans

What should you look for when reading at the plans for a new condo or house?

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