Well, it appears like after much wailing as well as nashing of teeth the OSXBMC team has made a decision to officially fork away from the XBMC group.

I’m never a fan of forks, it always seems like it would be much better to have one team pulling in one direction, however the pragmatist in me realises this isn’t always possible, (indeed the xAP house automation protocol born out of our mailing listing likewise forked into xPL).  In the meantime the great news is that Elan as well as the team is continuing as well as will now establish a separate app for the Mac.  We desire both teams continued success.

Here’s an exatract from the current publish on Elans blog  “We will continue to work on XBMC for the Mac. We are forking the code (it will be held on Github). We will still keep approximately in sync with the Linux code, as well as of program the XBMC team is welcome to merge our modifications back into their tree.

The greatest modification right here is that we will no longer be operating under the limitations imposed by the team. We can clean up as well as simplify the settings as we see fit. We can eliminate features that don’t work ideal (sometimes, less is more). We can add whatever new features our individuals are asking for, in the way of our choosing.

We will be announcing new support forums shortly, as well as we will be publishing details on the Github repository.  Also, we’re absolutely trying to find skilled graphic designers with an eye for typography to work on a superior Mac-themed skin.”

Read the full publish right here – www.osxbmc.com [now www.PlexApp.com]

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