New comfort entry – Lower-cost

comfort have just revealed a new lower-cost system…

“We are delighted to annouce the arrival of the new comfort ‘Entry’ manage Panel. So comfort is now available in 3 models, Entry, pro and Ultra. comfort entry is a lower-cost comfort Panel and will be of specific rate of interest to installers who are aiming to set up the right framework in a new build residential or commercial property for the future but at minimum preliminary cost. when comfort entry (99 Responses) is installed providing all security, doorphone and telephone interfacing, it can be upgraded with Firmware replacement later on to give higher automation possibilities such as CBUS, EIB etc as the needs of the customer grow to utilize comfort pro (255 Responses) or comfort Ultra (1023 Responses).

The comfort ‘Entry’ design is an eight-zone panel and provides the rudimentary comfort features enabling dial-in, dial-out, X10 and answering machine functions but aims to keep the costs of installing the system low. comfort Entry, may be upgraded by Firmware/NVM replacement to pro or Ultra, it allows installers & designers to set up comfort at bit more than a basic security system but with the choices of growing the system as the needs of the customer change.

Comfort pro offers more features and power to the routine user, including extra zones, responses and interfacing options. <> comfort Ultra. goes even further by providing much more responses and infrared power, this is especially useful when programming systems which include Clipsal CBUS or EIB interfacing.”

NEW comfort entry WEBSITE

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