Stunning Bookshelves

There’s something to be stated for the unstyled bookshelf. free of embellishments, books plainly piled recall the contemporary beauty of a Donald Judd stack. like in this gorgeous picture from Oly Studio, I modification up the look every when in a while by arranging books with the pages dealing with out. It produces a quieter, more uniform look as well as is significantly less time consuming than covering your collection in kraft paper. (H&H style editor Sarah Hartill as well as I when did this for a picture shoot as well as it took FOREVER.) It likewise puts the character as well as appeal of dog-eared pages on display. The approach works right here since you can checked out the spines from the side.

While we’re on the topic of books, exactly how many is as well many?

An designer buddy of mine limits herself to one little bookshelf. If a new book doesn’t fit, an old one must be provided away. On the other hand, J, a book editor, lives in a small apartment congested with books. I’m constantly motivating him to purge. He’s constantly ignoring me. If he had stairs, they would look like these:

J may discover a hero in designer Richard Meier, who has books stacked around his apartment.

I kinda like the zaniness of this excess in Meier’s otherwise smooth new York space. just don’t tell J I stated so.

Photo credits:1. Oly studio Stella Shelf2. Stairs, photography by Prue Ruscoe from wish to influence June 5, 20093. photography by Oberto Gili from, shot for the November 2007 problem of home & Garden4. photography by Oberto Gili from, shot for the November 2007 problem of home & Garden

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